Working with Cadbiom source code

The source code is divided into 3 Python packages found in 3 folders at the root of the repository:

Directory Python package Description
./gui cadbiom-gui Graphical User Interface
./command_line cadbiom-cmd Command line
./library cadbiom Library used by the 2 previous packages
./doc - Documentatin of the project

All the code is developped in Python language.

However some particularly costly functions in computation time have been written in C. These functions are included in an internal extension of the library.

The extension is compiled during installation or directly downloaded without compiling if your system supports Python wheels. This is a relatively new standard for the distribution of Python packages available for Linux, Windows or macOS with pip >= 1.4 and setuptools >= 0.8. This system is a faster and secure way to install native C extension packages.


All existing modules belonging to the above packages is not (yet) fully described in the following technical documentation.

Indeed, only the essential modules, and especially those that have been sufficiently reviewed and documented, are mentioned.