Documentation on CADBIOM software

The user manual is available in html or pdf formats.


What is CADBIOM ?

CADBIOM (Computer Aided Design of BIOlogical Models) is a discrete modeling software

Who could use CADBIOM ?

CADBIOM offers a user friendly interface, making it as simply as possible to use. Molecular biologist, systems biologist, computer scientist and people interesting in biological systems modeling could use CADBIOM.

What type of data do I need to use CADBIOM ?

You could create a model with qualitative data, no protein concentration or reaction rates needed. The nodes usally represent biomolecules, like an activated receptor or a phosphorylated protein... While guarded transitions represent a biological reaction, like translocation, transcription, complex association... But you are free to make a model with your interpretation and abstraction level.

You can also use Pathway Interaction Database (PID) as data source . The automatic translation of PID pathway is a feature of CADBIOM (see user manual to get more precise information on the translation scheme).

What sorts of analyses can I perform on CADBIOM ?

Once you have a model, you could simulate it or check for a property. The simulation gives you the evolution of the model during a finite number of steps.
With the checker you can search for example "how to reach a property ?".

GPL Licence

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