CADBIOM latest release

CADBIOM sources are available at the following address:
Cadbiom v1.1 project at

CADBIOM old release (archived)

To download CADBIOM on your Linux distribution, click on the following link :
CADBIOM Download

You have to install the following packages :

If you encounter some problems with compiled solver, we provide the sources of the 2.9 (recommended) and 2.7 versions. The solver CryptoMiniSat is an LGPL-licenced SAT solver, more information on cryptominisat2.


System requirements

CADBIOM is mainly developed in Python 2.7. Before running CADBIOM, the build process is simplified due to make and the following system packages have to be installed from the distribution packages library (or similar, depending on your operating system):

You can install these dependencies with the following command (on Debian systems):

            sudo apt-get install python-gtksourceview2 python2.7-dev libxml2-dev \
            libxslt1-dev libxslt1-dev libgraphviz-dev pkg-config swig3.0 python-glade2 python-gtk2

Python requirements

Before running CADBIOM, the following Python packages have to be installed from pypi repository:

Note: CADBIOM software requires a SAT solver which is proposed as a Python wrapper by an independant library (pyCryptoMS, sources are available on Gitlab).

You can install these dependencies with the following command:

            make build


            python2.7 install -r requirements.txt

Model library

We provide a simple theoretical examples to well understand CADBIOM features.

Hightly studied biological pathways (translated from NCI-PID database) are directly available in CADBIOM formalism.

Whole NCI-PID database has been translated into CADBIOM formalism.

GPL License

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